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10th-Sep-2007 04:02 am - Threat down!
MWAHAHCollapse )
9th-Sep-2007 03:55 am - LA OSS BLI FARLIGE!!!

ok kids, no more of this "one teh_starship post every two months" crap, from now on everyone (yeah aaaaall four members) should post all sorts of random startroopar stuff ALL OF TEH TIME. ok? ok. NO EXCUSES, ANYTHING GOES.

i'll start with this exciting piece of news:

TheDailyShow.com, which launches in the fourth quarter, will archive the entire video history of the show including headlines, interviews and the "Back in Black" feature. The portal also will present the previous evening's episode in its entirety an hour or two after its broadcast.
o_____O!! omigåd. maybe it's a good thing this wasn't launched, oh, say...right before EXAMS AT TEH STARSHIP. (not that anything could have made matters much worse though.)

kari @ retard spektrumCollapse )

god bless teh starship.

26th-Aug-2007 02:02 pm - Adjø, Herr Muffin
"En gång var herr Muffin ett ungt och starkt marsvin som kunde bära tunga gurkor på axeln, men nu är han gammal, trött och grå. Ett elakt bi tog livet av hans kära Victoria och barnen har för länge sedan flyttat hemifrån.

En dag ligger det ett brev i hans brevlåda:
"Herr Muffin, jag är så ledsen, för pappa säger att när ett marsvin är gammalt så kan det plötsligt dö!"
Herr Muffin tuggar snabbt i sig brevet, för det var ju inte så roligt att höra.

Vinnare av Augustpriset 2002 i barnklassen, och en mycket fin bok om hur det kan vara när ett älskat husdjur blir sjukt och dör och hur saknaden känns och kan hanteras."


"Herr Muffin tenker på alt han har opplevd. Han tenker på kona Victoria, som døde for flere år siden, og han tenker på de seks små, lodne barna de hadde sammen. Men barna har flyttet ut, og nå er herr Muffin helt alene.

Plutselig en dag får herr Muffin fryktelig vondt i magen. En veterinær undersøker herr Muffin, og alle skjønner at det ikke er lenge til han skal dø. Men før han dør, rekker herr Muffin å fundere mer over livet han har levd. Han rekker også å få to brev til fra hun som eier ham. I disse brevene kommer det fram mange fine tanker om livet og døden."

13th-Jun-2007 02:16 am - Similarities..
13th-Jun-2007 01:06 am - ..and that is that
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17th-May-2007 01:59 am - 17. MAI
Now we are READY. We have: done the dishes, made muffins (slightly lano, but okay), done the laundry, bought foodz. Yeh. If the weather is good tomorrow we will have a BBQ :D LANO. It will be FUN TIMES! And if it rains, that's okay. WE HAVE ICE-CREAM.

4th-May-2007 06:46 pm - =D
Drawn - Teh Starship
3rd-May-2007 11:40 pm - Thanks to my Icelandic man
Well, not MY man, but A man... a great man.


Every startrooper needs to listen to this wonderful little song.


I am currently doing some cleaning so that I can clear my head - everything seems so much easier when your environment doesn't look like.. mine does right now. ;_;
Drawn - Teh Starship
3rd-May-2007 09:48 am - HAHA
Despite Vivian's efforts to make me fail yet another assignment, I finished by 8 am, walked to school, got it printed and now I am back here drinking diet Pepsi and enjoying life as a free woman.

Except not. My first exam is in 27 days, and I haven't really studied.. BUT I WILL FACE THOSE DEMONS LATER, not today, JUST NOT TODAY.

Hahaha.. I picked up Vivian's essay at school, and even found my own in the gigantic pile*. It was kind of funny to look at, he had started grading it writing things (pretty good things as well) and then suddenly there was no more writing on there, and I flipped to the last page only to find "YOU'RE NOT GETTING AWAY WITH ONLY THREE PAGES!!!" written in relatively large letters. It kind of made me chuckle as I made my way back to the starship in the semi-cold, at least the essay was good for that.

But NOW, my dear fans and relatives.. I think I'm going to take a little nap and TRY (really hard, too) not to sleep away the entire day. Cheerio and toodles. Much love.

*To find Vivian's essay I had to look through the gigantic pile twice, and people kept looking at me like I was a crazy lady. (HAHA, NOT KNOWING JUST HOW RIGHT THEY WERE)
3rd-May-2007 05:11 am - MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Kari's assignment is due in less than 12 hours and I just tricked her into watching 68 video clips of Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert. SIXTY-EIGHT!


Actually, for good luck with your assignment, startrooper, here's Jon & Elmo:


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